VIAHA Memberships Details
An Arabian horse is not required!

VIAHA Membership Types

Senior (AHA Adult)
Voting Member . Input welcomed . AHA Adult Membership included . 1 and 3 year memberships available

Junior (AHA Junior, 18 & under)
Non-Voting . Input welcomed . AHA Junior Membership included

Non-Voting . Input welcomed . No AHA Membership

Non-Voting . Input welcomed . Must have full Senior or Junior Membership in another AHA club

How to Sign Up or Renew

VIAHA Membership Form
   Download this membership form (pdf file); complete and send to the Membership Secretary, payment may be made by cheque or e-transfer.
   VIAHA Membership Form

Renew or Sign Up On-Line
   Senior and Junior members only can renew on-line on the AHA website: select Create Account to join or Login to renew
   AHA Membership webpage

Membership Benefits

All members receive the VIAHA Newsletter by email

All members receive the preferential club activity rate where offered

All members are eligible for the Year End Hi-Point Awards

Constitution & By-Laws

VIAHA Constitution

VIAHA Bylaws

Updated and Certified November 2018

AHA Competiton Card

At AHA sanctioned Arabian horse shows, a Competition Card is required for all exhibitors and the owners of those horses exhibited. Basic AHA membership does not have competition privileges. This card may be purchased at the same time as the AHA membership or at any time during the membership year, and it expires at the same time as the membership.

Note: This card is not required to show at the VIAHA All-Breed Open Shows, including the Saanich Fair Horse Show nor in All-Breed open classes at the Island Classics Arabian Show.
For more information, contact Wendy, the VIAHA Membership Secretary at

VIAHA Welcomes New Members!